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The soundscape will be made by 4 different groups, they will compose 10 minutes
of music each. So that the groups make a coherent piece of music, we have decided to use the Indian Raga as our inspiration.

The Indian Raga

A raga is based on themes, these provide the foundation of the performance. The performer improvises on the themes, so that each performance is different.
Our themes will come from public suggestions on our questionnaire, and from workshops with children and our sound designer. The groups will improvise and compose on these themes, and build their composition over several recording sessions.

A raga is not 'composed' by a composer, but has been created by evolution and improvisation over the centuries. It does not represent the mind of one person, but of many.

The Groups:

Two Primary Schools - P6 children will work with sound designer Nic Scrutton
and musicians from the Paragon ensemble. We are currently talking to Whiteinch Primary (north of the tunnel) and St Jeromes Primary (south of tunnel)

Art Form - will work with a group of Adults with disabilities - based in Govan.

Youth Group - 'Dhol Infusion' - Asian musicians with Indian classical training.

How will I hear it?

The technical equipment which will enable drivers to hear the soundscape is being sponsored by Radio Clyde. Drivers tuned to that station will hear the soundscape while they are in the tunnel.

If you drive through the Clyde Tunnel at 30 miles per hour, you will hear a 57 second section of the music on your car radio. The composition will be an uneven length so that you hear different sounds each time you use the tunnel. It will play for 4-8 weeks, over the launch period.