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HYB has worked with 4 primary schools near the tunnel. St Jerome's Primary and Elderpark Primary (south), Whiteinch Primary and St Paul's Primary (north). So that they can contribute to the project.

We gave them Science workshops "How to dig a tunnel under the Clyde", Art workshops- looking at a public space in their area, and Music workshops so that they could contribute to the Soundscape.

A total of 25 workshops, funded by Communities Scotland and Scottish Enterprise. HYB also created an open topped bus tour that picked up the children from their schools, told them all about the tunnel, and enabled them to see the tunnel at (very!) close quarters. North and South schools met each other on the tour, and were shown what the other groups were working on. This was kindly sponsored by Glasgow City Sightseeing.

We commissioned local artist Geraldine Greene to lead the art workshops, Paragon Ensemble to work with the children to compose music, and Steve Allman to create workshops to explain the science behind the tunnel.


The children in Linthouse created designs for a gable end overlooking the tunnel entrance. Based on the idea that the buildings were 'cut through' by the tunnel when it was built in the 60's, and imagining what the building would have looked like if that had not happened. The children created postcards of their favourite aspect of Linthouse, and their images were incorporated into the final design. This can now be seen on the gable as you approach the south portal of the tunnel. We worked with Linthouse Housing Association to get the picture printed and mounted on the building. A community garden was then put in the wasteground under the wrap by CSpace and Linthouse Housing Association.


The children in two Whiteinch Primary schools had the same workshops as Linthouse. They made 3D models of Whiteinch Cross, a broken down public space next to the tunnel. These were photographed and displayed at an Open Day on the site. Local residents were invited to come down and vote on the childrens suggestions as part of a wider consultation. See Community page.