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March - June 06

Project launch - 18 metre banners were put on the tunnel portal buildings advertising the website. Free science workshops in Glasgow Science Centre "Holdyourbreath - How to dig a tunnel under the Clyde" for National Science Week. Postboxes for design templates in GSC, Museum of Transport, The Lighthouse, Partick Library, IKEA cafe. 45,000 visitors to website, 4,000 design questionnaires returned.

November 06

To coincide with Glasgow's hosting of the 2005 AGM of the LUCI (cities of light) conference in Glasgow Nov 05. The HYB Design Team lit the funnel of the South Portal building from the 21-27 Nov. The colours changed every day of that week, and the public voted for their favourites on our HaveYourSay questionnaire.

January-March 06

Schools - HYB Art, Science and Music workshops in were held in 4 primary schools in Whiteinch and Linthouse.
Open-topped bus guided tours - history of the tunnel.
Schools involved: St Jeromes, St Pauls, Whiteinch and Elderpark Primaries.

Youth Groups in Whiteinch, 16 meetings to create an 8 metre artwork to display at Whiteinch Cross Open day. Youths from Plantation productions had video workshops and made a video of the Open Day.

Community Groups - Consultation and Art workshops in Linthouse and Govan, and Whiteinch and Scotstoun.

Adult Groups in Whiteinch had a presentation and site visit to the Cross, they questioned passers by.

May 06

Open day at Whiteinch Cross. Display of all the work of the above groups, as well as climbing wall, food, music, facepainting etc, we asked local people to vote on their favourite suggestions.

June 06

Glasgow City Council declares delay in completion of tunnel re-lining. Although funds had been allocated to the project by the council, the delay meant that the funds had to go elsewhere. The launch event was moved from October 06 to February 08 when the lining works will have been completed.

August 06

Linthouse Gable End - The results of the childrens work in Linthouse Primary schools was made into a design by Geraldine Greene, a local artist who had worked with them. It is mounted on a Gable End overlooking the tunnel entrance. It is a 'trompe l'oeill' looking like the end of a building with windows in it.

September 06

Display of public contributions to the project in the LUV Gallery in Linthouse and the Harbour Gallery in Partick.

November 06

HYB mentors new group to become constituted 'Fairplay for Whiteinch' . This group has a special interest in Jordon Street Park in Whiteinch.

February - May 07

Whiteinch Mile - HYB wins funding from Scottish Action Research Fund (SCARF) which provides a mentor for consultation on a wider project in Whiteinch. The community feedback at the Open Day in Whiteinch Cross, opens up suggestions to improve other areas and provide play facilities. We are working with partners on a strategy for the 'Whiteinch Mile' which expands the original project at the Clyde tunnel entrance point. We are now working with a landscape architect from City Design Coop on plans to improve the urban realm in Whiteinch.

March 07

Launch Event - Glasgow City Council agree to close one of the road tunnels for a Holdyourbreath launch event. This is planned for February 2008.