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Hello Holdyourbreath-ers,

We are excited to announce that on Monday 21st November we will install a lighting display on the funnel of the South Portal building, a different colour every day for 7 days. The light will travel around the funnel so that it can be seen from both sides of the river. The colours will change at noon each day, and can be seen at dusk and dawn.

The HYB team would like you to vote on which colours you like best. Don't worry if you miss a day - an archive photograph of each colour will go up on the 'Have your Say' page. There are some other questions too, you may like to read the rest of the news then go and vote on the 'Have your Say' page.


This week-long HYB lighting/consultation event was generously funded by Scottish Enterprise, as well as Park Lane and the Elphinstone Group (land and property developers). Other Funders.

Website Feedback

We have had 20,000 visitors to our website since its launch in March 05. Over 3,000 people responded to our design quiz. What did they say...? Click to see our "Vroom graph" (pdf)

Glasgow School of Art

A number of students from the Interior Design Course at GSA chose HoldyourBreath as inspiration for an Urban Lighting exercise. You can see their designs top right of this page - click to enlarge.

Anniesland Top Drawers

Adult Students from Anniesland College Special Needs Dept wanted to contribute their design ideas. Click on photos to enlarge their work. You can see more of their designs on the Schools and Community page

HYB Design Team

Having looked at all the above feedback, the team have come up with a first draft design for the tunnel's South Portal building. We decided to think global and act local. Click to enlarge two photo illustrations bottom right of this page. Design team details.

Statue at Partick tunnel exit

If you take the Partick exit from the tunnel you see a turret-like structure on the corner, we think this should have a sculpture/statue on it. We have suggested some options on the Have your Say page, but before you vote, why not read some background to the options on the Schools and Community page.

Tunnel Works

Glasgow City Council have been re-cladding the front of the South Portal Building. When the work is finished they will put the words "Clyde Tunnel" in large letters near the window area, as well as the city logo. See 'Have your Say' page.

There have been some technical issues with the tunnel re-lining, this has put the completion date back by some months. When it is finished, the shiny framework will be covered with fire-proof cement and painted. This work is also being done by Glasgow City Council.


Our lighting/consultation event has been timed to coincide with Glasgow's hosting of the 2005 AGM of the LUCI association (Lighting Urban Community International). Delegates from all over the world will be coming to Glasgow from 25-27th November.

HYB launch event

Our launch is proposed for October 21st 2006. We chose this date because it is when "Diwali - Festival of Light' falls next year. We propose to close one tunnel to traffic, and have a public event in the nadir of the tunnel - when the audience emerge at the end - the whole tunnel installation will be lit up. We hope the tunnel lining works will be complete by this time.


under the sea 1 under the sea 2
speed 1 speed 2
lights 1 lights 2
pink and purple drawing zig zag tunnel
rainbow coloured tunnel green and red tunnel
HYB South Portal design HYB South Portal design