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(April 2009)

This event celebrated our new lighting and art installations at the Clyde Tunnel, and 50 years since miners started to dig under the Clyde. We had a 130 strong community choir sing a new work by Gareth Williams with Soprano Emma Harper and Issho Taiko drummers.

We also played the Soundscape created by Nicola Scrutton and local schoolchildren, and showed a film which included archive footage of the tunnel and its surrounding communities.

(Jan 2009)

Would you like to sing in a Mass Choir at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries on March 13th 2009? 'Tunnel Echoes' is an atmospheric new work for 300 voices, solo soprano, taiko drums and organ. Composer - Gareth Williams. It celebrates 50 years since the tunnel was dug, and the local people who built it.

Rehearsals: St Peters Church, 46 Hyndland St. Partick G11
Monday 9th Feb      6.30-8.30 pm
Monday 16th Feb    6.30-8.30 pm
Monday 23rd Feb    6.30-8.30 pm
Monday 2nd  Mar     6.30-8.30 pm

Dress rehearsal: Kelvingrove Art Galleries Main Hall
Monday 9th March     6.30-8.30pm

Performance: Kelvingrove Art Galleries Main Hall
Friday 13th March      6.30-8.30pm

Choir Master:  Stephen Langton . No audition required.
Nearest Underground for both locations - Kelvinhall

PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE CHOIR via the Contact and Feedback page.

(November 2008)

The Design Team looked at the 5,500 design ideas sent in by adults and children on-line and on paper. The most popular colour was blue, to represent the water.

We were entranced by childrens drawings showing the idea that you 'entered another world' when you went into the tunnel. So we thought an image of the earth from space might show that idea. It would also represent the City's pride at the many Glaswegians who have gone all over the world in the past, and inspire those who may do so in the future. We liked the idea that you may be sitting in a traffic jam, look up, and wonder 'What can I give to the world today?'

The colours moving around the funnel represent the different planets passing us in space.

(November 2008)

The Mass Community Choir will now sing on March 13th 2009, in the Kelvin Art Galleries. The new tunnel heritage event will be called "Tunnel Echoes"

(August 2008)

Glasgow City Council have changed their minds about closing one of the road tunnels for the launch. This happened eight weeks before the event was due to take place, so apologies to all of you who read about it in the Doors Open Day programme. I offered to show people around the South Portal building instead, but the council refused permission to do this, they said they plan to do it themselves another year. I am creating a new launch event at present, if you would like to be updated about this, please email me through the feedback form.

The old event is detailed below...

The event to launch the new Lighting and Soundscape at the Clyde Tunnel was to take place inside one of the Clyde Road tunnels, which the council had agreed in to close to traffic. Permission was given to us in writing in January 2007, on that basis I raised a large amount of funds; but during the planning process with the council it transpired that they had not checked internally with the Roads Department until recently, the main objection was that the closure was not 'essential'.

The 'Mass Hum' was take place with 1000 people from local choirs. The audience were to walk down the Linthouse exit ramp into the tunnel and 'light the tunnel up from the inside' with an especially commissioned piece of music for voice and drum by Gareth Williams; followed by songs with a tunnel/underwater theme.
At the end of this event, the audience would have walked back up the Linthouse exit onto Govan Road to see that they had lit up the South Portal building. The north and south portals would have then 'communicated' to each other across the river with a laser show.

This event was due to take place on 20th September 2008 as part of National Doors Open Day. Leader of the Council, Steven Purcell was going to give an opening speech in the tunnel.





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