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Tuesday 9 Nov 2008

The price of copper in the special cable needed for this installation has increased over 3 times in the last 18 months. So in order to give me time to raise more money, we aim to have the soundscape installed and ready for you to hear in March 2009 to coincide with the 'Tunnel Echoes' event below.

Tuesday 9 Nov 2008
Mass Choir Event re-scheduled

As we are not allowed to sing inside the tunnel anymore, we are going to perform the piece at the Kelvin Art Galleries on March 13th 2009 as part of the 'Tunnel Echoes' heritage celebration.Tickets will be advertised nearer the time. If you want to sing in the mass community choir please get in touch via the feedback page. For more details click on the signpost top right of our homepage.

Tuesday 9 Nov 2008
South Portal Lights switched on

Finally, the permanent lights at the South entrance are on.
The Design Team tried to encompass the spirit of the 5,500 ideas that were sent in by the public. We hope you like it.

Tuesday 23 April 2008
Wind Turbine Test

The anemometer I put up to measure windspeeds on the roof of the South Portal has been up for 4 months, we are now analysing the data to see if a wind turbine could power the lighting installation.

Tuesday 23 April 2008
Political support

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Patrick Harvie MSP, Pauline McNeil MSP, Cllr Steven Purcell - Council Leader, Cllr Aileen Colleran, Cllr Stuart Clay

Tuesday 23 April 2008
Lighting Tenders/Lighting Tests

We had a lighting test at the South Portal, which Robert Booth the head of Land Services attended. We also tested an image transparency in the window. Tenders have gone out for the job of installing lights at the south portal. Very exciting!!

Tuesday 23 April 200

So far... Glasgow City Council - Lighting Strategy, Culture and Sport, Clyde Waterfront, Glasgow Harbour, PRS Foundation, SUST at the Lighthouse, Pick Everade, Robb Ferguson, SECC.. as well as members of the public on our donate page - all donations will add another light to our tunnel, or pay for a choir score.

Tuesday 23 April 2008
Launch Event

It's not absolutely confirmed yet, but looking good for 20th September 2008, in partnership with National Doors Open Day - as this will be the first time the public have walked down into the tunnel. The tunnel works started in 1957, which means that Sept 2008 must be the 50th anniversary of something! I am working to find out what happened tunnel-wise in Sept 1958.

Friday 28 Dec 2007
New Launch date

I have set a new date of September 2008 for the launch, this extends fundraising time to April of next year, and allows time for the wind power feasibility study to be completed.

Friday 28 Dec 2007
Wind Power feasibility study started

HYB has erected a 10 metre pole and anemometer on the roof of the South Portal building (it can be seen from the approach road). This takes wind readings so that we can tell if it is feasible to power the new lighting with a wind turbine. We are working in partnership with Strathclyde University and GCC.

Thurs 29 Nov 2007
Steven Purcell supports project

As a member of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, I was able to have a meeting with the Head of the City Council, who holds surgeries for small companies every month. He is very enthusiastic about the project and will be giving a welcome speech at the the launch event in the tunnel.

Monday 15 Oct 2007
Council Funding

Glasgow City Council Lighting Strategy have allocated funds to the project from its Local Project Lighting Fund. This is a great vote of confidence. I am still waiting to hear from other funders, and corporate sponsors.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007
Launch Event

Delays in the Council's re-lining of the road tunnels have meant that no other work has been allowed until it is completed in the summer of 2007. Even though the Lighting Strategy Group at Glasgow City Council allocated funds towards the HYB lighting design for the south portal last year; work could not go ahead. Disappointingly, that money has now gone to other projects.

Still, I am not downhearted, and have got permission from GCC Land Services to hold a launch event in one of the road tunnels (it will be closed to traffic!) to celebrate the Lighting and Soundscape when they are eventually installed. (I am now aiming for February 2008)

As I have had the opportunity to walk down the road tunnels when they are closed to traffic, I am keen for other people to experience this exciting space at our launch event, you really can't appreciate it properly from a car.

The plan is to light the tunnel up 'from the inside' with various events, when the audience come back out of the tunnel, the portals will be lit up. There will be a firework display outside, with the north and south portal 'communicating' to each other across the river. I am still working on the details..... Now I just need to raise 1million for the work and events!


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