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'Each time I drive through the Clyde Tunnel, I feel that this local landmark and triumph of engineering is one of the most ugly and unloved parts of the city. Every day, thousands of people use it, and it has no uplifting qualities whatsoever. Basically, its grim, and Glaswegians deserve better.'HoldyourBreath' wants to turn the Clyde Tunnel into a ‘pocket of delight’ for all who travel in her."

See 'before and after' image

That was the mission I set myself in 2005. I put 18 metre banners up on the tunnel to see if any of the other 65,000 daily users of the tunnel agreed with me. I was overwhelmed by the response, 56,000 people have visited this website, and 4,500 submitted ideas and pictures of their ideal tunnel.

On this site you will find historical facts about the tunnel, the results of our design questionnaires, interviews with the tunnel master and one of the original engineers. As well as the public responses, and updates on community involvement.

In November 2008 our permanent lighting at the South Portal went on. To see the Launch Event, click top right of this page - Tunnel Echoes.

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'Tunnel Echoes' to see choir launch event at Kelvingrove Gallery. CLICK HERE