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The portal buildings at the North and South of the Clyde Tunnel are most prominent in the communities of Whiteinch and Linthouse. I approached community groups and Housing Associations in those areas to see what they would like to do to improve their 'exit'.

WHITEINCH - They were fed up with the space at Whiteinch Cross, which had been redesigned as a Millenium Space, but had fallen into disrepair and vandalism. HYB worked with 2 primary schools, a youth group and adults in the area, we put on an Open Day at the Cross to show their ideas to the rest of the community in May 2006.

Click... WHITEINCH MURAL MOVIE - please allow to load completely before playing

Mural history - This wall is the first thing people see when entering whiteinch from the tunnel. The council had to keep painting the graffiti off it. The first artwork was temporary, as the council would not give permission to paint on the wall. HYB worked with Whiteinch Youth Mentoring Group and commissioned local artist Robert Stewart to work with local youths to create an 8 metre artwork which was displayed at the Open Day in 2006. Photo on right of page. The artwork was very popular locally, so Kathy Friend finally got permission to make a permanent artwork. She worked with local youths, who decided they would like to say "Welcome to Whiteinch". The research and photographs was made into a mural by Belinda Scott and Kathy Friend in November 2008.

HYB helped local women form a new group 'Fairplay for Whiteinch' they are working together to improve other public spaces in Whiteinch.Every year since July 2006 they have held consultation/fetes in Jordon Street park, a run down green space in the area. This project will be completed in November 2009 when Glasgow City Council begin work to improve the park

Whats next? By popular request, we are working to make murals featuring other local groups on walls at Whiteinch Cross

ARTISTS - Anniesland College - a group of young adults with disabillities got in touch through the website, wanting to know if they could contribute to the project. Their building is next to the tunnel slip road at Broomhill roundabout. Glasgow School of Art - students from the Interior Design Course (2nd year) used the project as part of their coursework, and came up with some designs. You can see photos of their work on Kathy's blog page.

LINTHOUSE - They wanted to improve their profile in the area, and let users of the tunnel know that they are there. We looked at 3 gable ends
that are next to the tunnel. HYB took on one of the gables and commissioned local artist Geraldine Greene to work with local school children to 'recreate' the end of the building as if the tunnel had not cut through the community in the 1960's. The design went up in August 2006. See Schools Page.

A Govan based organisation called Artform was commissioned to work with its Mixed Ability Adult groups on music for the Soundscape. See Soundscape.

We worked with Plantation Productions doing filming workshops and making a video record of the Open Day in Whiteinch. Connecting north and south of the river.

In November 2006 we lit the funnel of the south portal building different colours every day for a week, and asked people to vote for their favourite on the website. This was timed to coincide with a LUCI conference in Glasgow (international cities of light) See poll results page.

Whats next? The Project Launch event (Feb 2008) will start from Linthouse, so HYB is working with/looking for local groups and choirs to contribute to the event.

(Partners in Linthouse: Linthouse Housing Association, Linthouse Urban Village, Plantation Productions, Artform, Govan Creative Network)